Know The Definition

Secure Ambit

Secure Ambit is one of the best software company. Our business philosophy is to assure the highest quality product, total client satisfaction, timely delivery of solutions and the best quality ratio found in the industry by your source for news and conversation about Secure Ambit's consumer products and services.
Founded in 2021, Secure Ambit is the software company in devices and services that help people and businesses realize their full potential.
At Secure Ambit With multiple success stories backing us we are committed to build new Residential dreams and bring Corporate Solution to the community.
Our projects are spread across retail, corporate, residential and commercial segments.

Know The Destination

Our Vision

Secure Ambit will become one of the largest software leading company and lead all over the world in many areas of business and industry.
It will also become helpful to enable enterprises to leverage technology for business growth and success.
We will be meeting expectations of our customers, employees, and partners.
We will operate globally and bring the benefits of IT to improve the quality of the products and services of our clients.
We value integrity, commitment, excellence, teamwork, transparency, and satisfaction for our clients and ourselves.
Secure Ambit knows that Customer’s growth is our growth, so we commit our customers to help in achieving their business goals. Secure Ambit believes in work with the accuracy and best quality.

Know The Way

Our Mission

In Secure Ambit, Our mission is delivering innovative and reliable solutions to meet our clients needs with utmost quality and unwavering ethics.
Collaborate with our clients in their continued success.
We always try to help our clients to bring great products to market in less time and at less cost.
We understand needs and requirements of our customer and make technology to resolve the needs.
We believe to explore new opportunities that maximize the business value, consistent growth, and sustainability.
We help our clients to empower to respond faster and more intuitively to changing market dynamics.
We try to enable them to become more agile and competitive through leveraging new technologies.
We always love to share our success with our clients and team members.

Know The Different

Our Core Values

Since our inception, while we have aligned our thoughts, principles and ideas with changing times and newer market demands, but our core values that accentuate our standards of work and commitment to customers have been always drawn from the following unwavering guiding principles.

Customer Centrality:
To relentlessly drive the quality, costs and delivery of our IT services and solutions with utmost customer centricity backed with prompt and proactive communication in order to provide supreme customer delight.

Business Ethics and Transparency:
To be honest, dedicated, fair, transparent, sincere and open in all our customer transactions.

To hold our customers, partners, colleagues, and stakeholders in great esteem, dignity and prestige.

To continuously strive to be technologically innovative and achieve process excellence in order to enable our customers harvest significant business advantages.

When people work together, they can create something greater than themselves as individuals.

Having a joy not just for the work itself but also the people around us, so that everyone can be bold, innovative, and creative.

Companies are judged by the craftsmanship of their products and services, so the highest standards must be maintained.

No one has all the answers. A culture of humility and continuous learning is a bedrock principle of successful companies.

Diversity and Inclusion:
Organizations succeed by bringing different lived experiences and a range of backgrounds into a shared environment where everyone has equal opportunity.

Treating everyone with the common decency we all deserve and expect.

Acting with strong ethics is a priority for everyone representing the organization as well as the company’s behavior as a whole.

Promise to Customers:
Creating a great customer experience begins with staying true to the words we speak and the bonds we make.

To Know Our Leader

Introducing With CEO

Muiduzzaman Mahim, Founder and CEO of Secure Ambit. He graduated in Computer Science and Engineering from Daffodil International University, Bangladesh and completed another course in Computer System and Networking from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), Putrajaya, Malaysia. He started his career as an entrepreneur in 2018. He was also the founding member of another two companies for several years. After a successful year of Secure Ambit, he also announced another web hosting company named PremioHost as the sister concern of Secure Ambit. Our Founder and CEO is a visionary, dedicated, and passionate person to achieve his targeted goal. We hope for the best journey with our leader. We hope that Secure Ambit will become a top leading software company in the tech world under his leadership.
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